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Preparing for the Texas Commercial Drivers' License - CDL written tests..
On this site, you will find helpful links that will take you to the CDL Handbook available from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

You will find links to locate DOT medical examiners in your local area, along with what is required to get a Texas CDL.
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Driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle requires a higher level of knowledge, experience, skills, and physical abilities. Check out our Services page for more info.
In order to obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you must pass both knowledge and skills testing.
We now have written test questions and answers available on our Services page. These tests will assist you with passing the written tests for your CDL. 
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Class A Vehicles
Class C Vehicles
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   CDL Rental TX, provides the best CDL test training & CDL truck rental in Texas. Below you will find the information                needed to obtain a Class A CDL, along with some links that will provide more information on becoming a  professional            truck driver.

​ 1.) In order for an individual to rent a truck for the CDL driving exam they must:                             

         a.> Pick up a cdl handbook, or click on the link on the Homepage.
         b.> Present a medical DOT card to the driver's license office. 
         c.> Take the Two Required written tests and receive a learner's permit
         d.> Complete the other written tests, and Call us for an appointment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
 2.) The written test consist of five tests, and must be completed at your local 
      TXDPS Driver's License Office before the driving test can be performed. 
      The two tests with an asterisk are required to receive the learner's permit.  

          1.) General Knowledge Test                                                                                    
          2.) Pre-trip Inspection Test
          3.) Air Brakes Test
          4.) Combination Vehicle Test *
          5.) Special Requirements - Commercial Rules Test *

 3.) The cdl driving test also consists of five tests, and must be completed at the 
      TXDPS, driver's license office in either Weatherford, Texas.   

          1.) Straight Backing
          2.) Air brake test 
          3.) Pre-trip Inspection 
          4.) Parallel Parking
          5.) On the road skills 

 4.) Click on the Texas Department of Public Safety link at the top of the page (under helpful links,) click on driver license,              then go to the drop down menu and click on commercial driver license for information on what is required when you                 arrive at the Texas DPS drivers' license office. 


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CDL RENTAL TX, is Not affiliated with the TXDPS - driver license office.


Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

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CDL Medical Certificate downgrades started January 31, 2015. Failure to keep a current DOT medical certificate on file with the TXDPS will result in a downgrade of your Class A license, to a Class C license. You will be required to repeat the process of taking and passing the written and driving tests to obtain a new CDL license.
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