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Preparing for the Texas Commercial Drivers' License - CDL written tests..
On this site, you will find helpful links that will take you to the CDL Handbook available from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

You will find links to locate DOT medical examiners in your local area, along with what is required to get a Texas CDL.
Class A CDL Vehicles
Class B CDLVehicles
Class C CDL Vehicles
Driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle requires a higher level of knowledge, experience, skills, and physical abilities. Check out our Services page for more info.
In order to obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you must pass both knowledge and skills testing.
We now have written test questions and answers available on our Services page. These tests will assist you with passing the written tests for your CDL. 
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Class A Vehicles
Class C Vehicles
Class B Vehicles
CDL Rental TX, provides you with all the information, and helpful links ​to assist you with getting a Commercial Driver License. We provide you with the information needed to begin the process. From getting a DOT medical certificate, to the cdl handbook, and teststo help you pass the first time you go into take the written tests. The written tests that we supply will assist individual's in most every state, but they are extremely useful for the Texas cdl test.

The manuals below, will take you to the Texas Commercial Driver Handbooks in both English and Spanish. Click on the links below them and you can bookmark them, study them from here, or download them to your lap top, PC, phone, etc. They also provide them at your local driver license office for Free. 

In order to obtain a CDL license, you will need to get a DOT medical certificate from a certified medical examiner, registered with the FMCSA.  There are Five written tests that must be completed for the class A cdl, Four tests for the class B cdl. When you go to take the required written tests, at your local driver license office, you will want to take the two tests necessary for you to obtain your class A CDL permit, and one test to get the class B cdl permit. You must have this permit in order to work with a licensed CDL driver, or instructor on public roadways. Once you get the permit, then you can go back and complete the other written tests, before you can start the driving portion.

We now have written tests available, on our services page for you to purchase, and study at your leisure. They are in PDF format and you can download them, or print them out for you to keep. Our staff is working hard to get all the tests available.These tests will assist you with passing the written exams at the Driver License office. Just fill out the form to request the written exams.