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 CDL Rental TX                         Texas CDL Truck Rental


        CDL Rental TX. is a Texas cdl truck rental company, and we provide you with one on one cdl training in a commercial     motor vehicle (CMV) for the Texas class A cdl test. We will assist you with passing your Commercial Driver's License test     at an affordable price. Our instructors have a combination of over forty years of on the road driving experience, and over       nine years of cdl instruction on the cdl road test. We have a 100% Pass rating with individuals that have used our cdl test     training and the Class A cdl truck, for their driving test. 

        Renting a cdl test truck from CDL Rental TX, is a less expensive alternative to all those over priced truck driver training   schools. A low rate pricing allows you to practice one on one with an instructor in a Class A truck. Rent a cdl truck from us,    and we will provide you with the cdl skills that will assist you in passing the cdl driving test. 

            1.) We furnish the Class A cdl truck with air brakes for your drive test....

           2.) We provide all the insurance, registration, and DOT paperwork required on the commercial vehicle.

           3.) You will work with the instructor, to get familiar with the vehicle, and practice the road test before your test date.

 You will receive the following when you rent a cdl test truck from us:

  • One on one practice with an instructor to build your confidence, then test in one of our class A trucks.
  • You will receive an unrestricted Class A CDL from the TXDPS, when you pass your cdl test in our cdl rental truck.
  • You will be provided the cdl training before the day of your drive test, to ensure that you know the skills of driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Receive your permit, complete the written tests and contact our office. 

  • All the above is provided to you at one low cost. 

​  Click on the link below  to download, bookmark, or study the Texas CDL driver's handbook from here:                                      Texas Commercial Drivers' Handbook​, You can go to your local drivers' license office and pick one up for Free.

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CDL RENTAL TX. is NOT a Truck Driver Training School. 
CDL Rental TX. is not affiliated with the TXDPS - Driver License Office.
CDL Rental TX, provides Testing in Mineral Wells, TX. for an Added Fee.
Class A CDL Truck Rental, & One on One CDL Training for the Texas CDL Test.
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The Affordable and Quicker way to get a Texas Commercial Drivers' License - CDL.
CDL Rental TX is the only CDL Truck Rental & CDL Training company
in Weatherford, Texas for the Commercial Drivers' License - CDL Test.
We assist people from all over the state of Texas to obtain their CDL.
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